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    "Best Indie Rap album of 2010" - Toronto Independent Music Awards

    "Best Hip-hop/Rap" - Official nominee at the Independent Music Awards (New Jersey)








released September 9, 2009


MAGNOLIUS is Shan Vincent de Paul and Derek DaCosta
All tracks written, arranged and performed by MAGNOLIUS. Tracks 1, 4 ,6 & 7 performed with Jessica Lloyd, Nick Zubeck, Perilelle and Chris Gale

Recorded and mixed by Matt ‘Sunclef’ Hedlin at PPF HOUSE

Mastered by Charles Carvalho at João Carvalho Mastering


Cover art and illustration by Ryohei Hase. Design by Shan Vincent de Paul




all rights reserved


MAGNOLIUS Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Tusk

Shan VdP: Blinded by the sight of night and I am on a flight to light a/ fire on the whole city, now watch it burn to black dust it don’t concern us, we/


Derek D: Blast through doors, she blew past norm – Advisory/ Smile for the shotgun, cry when its live round coverage (Surprise!)/ Sweep you form under the feet that you would never leap from, easily I invoke/ (we must must!)/ She’s the kind of woman that keeps us from coming up for air (then I awoke)/

Shan VdP:Stick with this swift wicked force/ and if it tips swing liquid swords/ Bask in the Basilisk’s stare and dance/ Leave a mark on each letter we stamp- / -pede across of these venomous tramps/ (til’ they all sunk in?) till they all sunk in, now let em’ get ahead a little bit until the elevator hits the fourth floor they all jump ship/ this means war now, all soldiers keep your weapons locked upon the/ men, children and the women of the villages, tie them and leave for the lions to finish it/

Derek D: No signs of innocence, no lives unpillaged, go find the villainy inside…/ I gotta maintain the beast in me of live amongst those fading peacefully/Pick A over B to reach the peak, defeat the fleet, debris we make then leap

Shan VdP: Drift, way over seas to feed the lethal evil, Keep the people bleeding, then flee
to see the weak reason with grievance believing in freedom til’ they sleep/

Its alright (Hey!) its ok (Hey!)/ Its alright (Hey!) its ok (Hey!) Its alright (Hey!) its ok (Hey!) / Its alright (Hey!) its ok (Hey!)/ Its alright (Hey!) its ok (Hey!)/ Its alright (Hey!) its ok (Hey!)/
Its alright (Hey!) its ok (Hey!)/ Its alright (Hey!) its ok (Hey!)/


Shan VdP: break that door down/ down for the cause, count backwards when you down for the count/ sing along, get along,
Derek D: bring it all back to the middle ages, renegade tactics, swing a long axe, think fast or relax and have your mask and cap pushed back, RRRAAAA-HA-HA-HA
Shan VdP: back to the, back to the back of the hand, of the hand handing the ring to the band, to the band abandon the king for the cannons circling crows that sing for the famine

Derek D cataclysmic addict had a vision, battles out of anarchism slam the system, vandals:
let em out the slammer, PANIC!

Shan and Derek: it seems like, we might, be like, the right two to, take it, one step up, up up and away/ wake up , in a maze, get stuck in a chase/ its fukin amazing/ Laugh at the black-out, throw rocks at the glass house, trap them in gas clouds, then dash when they pass out

Shan VdP: Out to the open, feed the sheep now/ Walk with the rhythm or catch a beat down like (beat box) like that/ Here comes abyss with a silver spiked bat!

Derek D: In the name of no heart, shackle the masses, blow apart the sentimental little engine, it’s cold war, full force? go for it, the show startsPANIC!
Track Name: King for Hire

Shan VdP: Sitting in a room with six experts and five elephants/ All with eyes fixed on a life size skeleton/ Enveloping the clock by minutes, while developing a plot for the cynic-eyed critic/ Why sit watch mimic? Try to think of sly gimmicks/ I don’t think outside the box, I was never in it/ W-W-W-Watch, as I minimize critics when I finish my shit and put a lid up on a bitch like that

Tu Vais Por Carai
No vais comigo pra minga porta
A qui non vais e nom importa no mais

Derek D: Big dick swingin/ run around with little riches, lip sync - livin up to glitz/ I’m thinking of the hits I’ve heard, absurd, tooth-smash off the curb, ears ringing… why the fuck are you singing?/ Pass the herb, I’ll pass on disturbances, plastic words that fascinate herds of kids/
Massacres that happen when the crash occurs, distracted by that whole calibre of trash, it hurts
Track Name: Andrebuild

Shan VdP: Open up the lion’s jaw, Pandora’s frying pan/ riding on leviathans fins with a nine and in nine minutes time will align with the iron hands/ Stand-up, defying all cancerous lies/ Can’t stand over tides which crash in pits with fish/ Witch-crafted this quick list of which batch of bitch cats should be castrated/ locked off already/ sharp off the top, walk with mohawk machetes/ fan-blade their lips, cause their talk’s often petty/ can’t break for shit but I can still rock and steady shock/ Stop the whole jam/ Walk unknown lands/ Fuck the future in its mouth you talk and hold hands/ Rabbit-hole cannibals that feast with Sunclef/ We reap the nightfall and bleach the sunsets/ Etched…on the flesh of the saints, Is what’s left…on the S from strange.

Derek D: Evil eye trick pony, I’ve seen what lies in the cornea/ nothing but the oven… that you burn your vibe with/ I’ve seen the knife collide with some goliath-sized pricks/ Uppercut cause they fuckin’ love lobotomizing/ tell me what you saw, heard you talk a lot of baccala, Go what right off the golden gate bridge with a sock in it/ but I got love, more contorted than abortion/ for the lives that suck/ Exit the 5x5 corporate embarrassment, Delilah wasn’t sly enough to lie up in a private room with Derek/ go find some other guy who seems so alive, Inside he’s only perished, incisors fully glaring, In silence I’ll be there to flick on the lights/ Make you see that all you see is all see-through, don’t mean if I seem cruel but I’m an honest man

Shan VdP: Give me a four-leaf clover and I’ll speak out the box/ hop-scotch across the planets when I vanish/ the pen blends with finesse trends and ends with your best friend’s head rested upon the black pedestal/ The last incredible lasted impression, I laugh at you last impression of trash, jack its terrible/ The cannibal masked man that acts past the truth/ Mastering your masters Suge knight you off the roof/

Derek D:Father lead me on the right path, as long as I’m a zombie here, I’m obviously near some nice cash/ Slippin into a bit of a bullpen attitude, like go get em, slide by second, choke thy throat hoping I get over/ Hoping I slit open all the wide-eyed, high five for the blind guy holding his focus/ Holding the bible for the coke in his nose/ Oh my grog, half the time I feel right under munchkins/ even dwarves started small, so I’m rushin through/ Something that my mom told me long time ago/ Molten pours around me and the demons float
Track Name: Tinman Sangue

Derek D:Yeah I used to constantly babble on like back and forth (now)/ I only travel on the path of heart (how?)/ Lonely and battling this evil that I’m in go go go go get outta my face, don’t need you I need food/ To keep moods from flashin’ into disasters naturally/ Might earthquake and typhoon you/ If I don’t get a full spoon of love, fight night-type doom, strike like Mike and bite dudes/ Some dudes, they don’t give a fuck about your suffering, nothing brotherly, look at all them vultures hovering/ Won’t fall for another thing, unless it’s your girl’s ass / I’m in love with the way it shook my richter scale, and I’m quick to tell you how to: go ahead and kick the pale/ No Lao Tzu for a second, I’m still foaming at the mouth, pour me a second

Shan VdP: We cut the cuffs and ropes and found this/ Your luck is up all hope is grounded/ Enough’s enough, no you won’t denounce this/ What the fuck do you know about risk-king It all for the passion, a path that might soar/ With the chance that you might land the white horse/ Hey! How you doin’? Umm, oh yeah, sure!/ Let me dance for you on demand like a chore/ I want to be your lapdog, a little trick whore/ You’re such an expert, please do tell more/ Tell me what I’m doing wrong, and how to write for/ The right type of crowd with a sight like yours/ I wanna know how, put me on the right course/ Ooooh, that’s good, I never heard that before/ I got views too, but I don’t want to be a bore/ But would you like to know what I think about yours?/ Suck my dick, and eat my shorts/ Feast on your tongue before your ride forth/ These two tinmen might just slice yours/ Their heart don’t bleed, they built like cyborgs/ Won’t think twice to leave you one eye short/ Snatch out the beast, leave out the sidedoor!

It gets crush, they say you gotta have it unless Dust to dust just happened and a mortician must tap-in/

Derek D: Been a while since you felt some love (lub-dub-lub-dub)/ It’s been a long time since you hung with the bruvs like what-the-fuck’s-up?/ Either way, the bass in your chest plate is irreplaceable/ Don’t run around town with a bunch of negative internal levels like a kettle full of venom, it’s inevitable (boom) better keep the pace and go!

Shan VdP: Hey Mr. Tinman, can you hear me?/ I got this joke and a can of theories/ Just need hand and a man to bury/ Looped and let a loose, you/ And your fellow goons, who/ Get up on the yellow brick to get a better view/ Crews read up on the metal shit and settled for a two/ Who’s pulling out the full metal automatic Boom!/ Had em’ in a panic with a Panoramic view/
Track Name: Mary Mary

Derek D: It’s like something deep inside was the catalyst/ Brave to the bone, blame it on the tone of the catho-/ -lick this wound, say something wrong and she’ll grab a grip/ rip this strip from skull (musth activated)/ teacher teacher! bitch you left me with a bald spot/ bet you didn’t know that it was all in the plot/ bet you didn’t know that I’d be callin’ the shots somehow and that some day/ I would beat all of the awe awe awe odds/ Oddly enough she was a fighter from a weak fibre/ Probably been stuffed with that cheap kind, 4th grade – resigned/ Nothing to sweat, the numb phenomena promised enough times that she would be fine/ Age 14, straight off the green vine/ but whom ever assigned the main rival to be wine? / and her feet climb as her decline/ will lead her to a beating by the giant like fee fi fo

Derek D: Man, I heard she tied the knot at night time/ Bun in the oven, so she runs from the sun cause them ride in sin/ little lady pussy foot in the lime light/ but eyes locked tight on the getaway – flight to a better day/ “C'est la Vie” they tellin’, she managed to abandon the family/ “Je suis Mary” in the chest, the depression… she carries it/ Perilous! This air is under pressure/ Prayin’ all day then all night until the beads fall off, cause the beef is raw, can’t even say I’m sorry/ a bit of pacing then she faces god/ she hopes it erases her problems/ but so far from it/ That it hit just when it all plummets, swimming down the john so she calls it shit/ this marriage is a miscarriage, fist to lip and there it is/ kids cryin’ in the corner begging for pops stop/ It’s kind of at a boiling point and she’s best to drop, outcome: livin’ through it, feelin’ a bit of endurance/ I’d never send her a single question because she is Mary

Shan VdP: On that tear drop paradise-lost in itself/ She was happy with the song and the sun she was viewing/ (the sun she was viewing the sun she was viewing)/ they didn’t have much, and they laughed with their health/ but the whispers in the wind said a war was a brewin’/ (a war was a brewin’, a war was a brewin’)/ From a family of nine, she was forced to grow fast/ gotta get a man to uphold the fam’s caste/ by the age of nineteen she had met the perfect match/ but her folks won’t approve, so she went and ate glass/ that stirred the leaves on the tree to say the least/ but they eventually would wed and both parties would agree/ two nose-rings and five seeds down the line/ it was time to pack up and leave it all behind/ the nights watchmen was out, and the flames mark the innings/ plus ‘Black July’ only seemed like the beginning/ papa had to leave overseas to get the cheese/ so she had to oversee the scheme to get them overseas/ got the forged documents and suitcase prepared, gathered up the pack and packed her life right there/ did exactly as told by her sources to avoid havoc/ and flushed the passports on the plane to claim status/ Now she’s in new land, knew little of the language/ (waiting for the calm song, slept in distress)/ all alone with only forty dollars in her pocket/ (and a baby on each arm, arm, leg, leg and chest)/ she made a home from a bedroom for her plus five/ so that pissy mattress on the sidewalk is just fine/ here comes the landlord the youngest three hide!/ it was just a game to them but she would have to lie:/ “There’s only three of us here, I swear it must’ve been the tv!,/ won’t happen again sir, excuse me, I was sleeping” / they all missed daddy and read his letters taking turns/ and they waited/ waited for his return/ reunited at last, the dad and five sons/ they ran around the small apartment glowing with excitement/ papa’s got a brand new bag and plus a gun/ the one he found at the restaurant working the nightshift/ shift a few years, still fish for prosperity/ Christmas gifts came courtesy of local charities/ eventually with time things started looking up!/ the boys got grown and started sharpening their tusks/ she still had that glass labyrinth to weave through/ but she swam with the sharks everything now is seafood!/ those looking down on her with that expression/ fail to realize that they’re staring at her reflection/ (hush hush love, hush hush love) some say, she stole the heart of a lion holding a sword/ other say she’s just a mother defending her cubs/ built her own wings on that concrete coarse/ it must be that Mary Musth Musth blood/ it must be that Mary Musth Musth blood/it must be that Marry Musth Musth, blood/
Track Name: Off the Bone

Derek D: Lately I feel like I’m outta control, maybe I’ll pack a bowl to relax the soul (don’t climb inside that hole)/ Blasted! Disciplinary action passed up, flip off like the coin of this Harvey Dent and get cracked/ I won’t forget the motto, one too many bitten tongues that I swallow and get bottled up/ Puffin’ up personas, now I got a lotta,/ dingbats and odd balls, but all bravado’ed,/ and you can call ‘em problems, but you could shut the fuck up if you can’t help me solve ‘em,/ ready on the left with no regrets upon the noggin, on the right, revenge for all of them… call it hobgoblin-esque/ call it what you wanna just as long as it involves as much engraved upon a great tall obelisk/ follow if you wanna, by the time of my wake, I think this life’ll make a great gonz novel

Shan VdP: ‘Dark Metamorphosis!’ it won’t quite/ lost your fortress, you forced to forfeit/ let the dust settle before the war hits/ or touch the brushed metal and face the culprits/ like “Hey!, who’s that behind that door?”/ just another big bang back to bang more/ and I can’t keep my eye of the moon that cast the shadow that shatters the day/ where they write tunes, laugh and chatter/ the luminous moon moves fast past the matter/ so as soon as they had enough of the mad mad hatter/ I flash back, scatter and chase the next train/Like M to the “A!!!!” S to the K put the mask on your face to make the next day/ break your chest plate following the black locust/ swallowing the song, wallowing along hopeless/ call it want you wanna, just as long it involves all the shit that I’ve been trying to keep a float with/ follow if you wanna, by the time of my awake I’ll be pulling on the ropes of this opus/
Track Name: Ennui Go feat. Perilelle

Shan VdP: Ennui Go! Go on the path to leave tracks, to weave the web to keep the demon intact/ (we ease) out the trap door, and leave all captured prisoners on that ship/ But do not fear, we come with gifts/ Poison, gunpowder, napalm, pestilence, torture, famine, artillery and food/ Cannons, fire, pistols, truth! / and a brand new religion for you to adapt to/ its inevitable that we let the venom enter, ascend and end this!/ Don't hold back its more senseless/ torch the tormented/ scorch the core senses/ (someone) someone show me the priest of the flock/ make him walk the spot/ toss him his bread/ lock him and then/ then it’s “off with his head!”/ (next up), next up (next up) next up/ deliver me the village idiot, the illegitimate half-breed king that can’t see that these people are breathing the (breathing the) breathing the smoke filled air, that makes the crowd bleak/ he blows fire out the mouth piece, but we just set flames to the house he now sleeps/ soon as the eve leaves those people’s plight/ watch them all burn to see the light!

Perilelle: Somewhere out there beneath the burning sky/ You'll find me waiting, standing, asking why

Derek D: Where do we go from here? out the plastic bag, hit him with a dagger, he’s stagnant/ blood fills the floor cause I’m inaccurate, hackin’ em, act like George Steel/ that’s exactly what I want to make a living engulfed in carnivorous harmony/ march for the carne, meet at the parliament/ that’s exactly where we chop the men and armaments/ on and then ennui go with more targets/ so far it’s, so starving, for darkness, and soI walk the continent to see the light/

He might have the disease
Or the ultimate cure
release a death at his will
while we fight to stay pure
Hate the fear that he breeds
With our glasses half full
Some God will sort out suffers
Until our weight we can't pull.
In the corner of the day
When everythings the wrong way
Its happened before so you just try to get by

fast forward, flash the word mouth, MAG’s born, cast the herd out, stamp floors,
map the first route, land torn, blast the world now!, sans storm!

Perilelle: Somewhere out there beneath the burning sky/
Track Name: Selaron

Shan VdP: If you got no scars to show for your progress, I guess you got lucky/ But with these calloused hands and a box of broken hearts, I’ll be staring at the sun with a black eye, trust me/ If you got no scars to show for your progress, I guess you got lucky/ but with these calloused hands and a box of broken hearts/ I’ll be staring at the sun with a black eye, trust me!

Derek D: Brick by brick by brick…/ when the upheaval gets rampant, people abandon ship/ stone by stone by stone…/ in obscurity, you’ll be finding me thanking Selaron,/ step by step by step…/ when it’s easy to cancel, don’t be the believer that been all beat up and can’t stay on/ chin up and channel the beat or bleed on the canvas, it’s either you’re ready to be the cheetah or stand still

Shan VdP: If you got no scars to show for your progress, I guess you got lucky/ But with these calloused hands and a box of broken hearts, I’ll be staring at the sun with a black eye, trust me/ If you got no scars to show for your progress, I guess you got lucky/ but with these calloused hands and a box of broken hearts/ I’ll be staring at the sun with a black eye, trust me!

Derek D: Brick by brick by brick…/ when the upheaval gets rampant, people abandon ship/ stone by stone by stone…/ in obscurity, you’ll be finding me thanking Selaron,/ step by step by step…/ when it’s easy to cancel, don’t be the believer that been all beat up and can’t stay on/ chin up and channel the beat or bleed on the canvas, it’s either you’re ready to be the cheetah or stand still

Shan VdP: Come on in, make yourself at home, lose the halo/ you can place it with the two faces on the table/ we can sit and exchange lies and laugh loudly/ but I’d rather drink my drink/ I already know what you despise about me/ and you still think I’d sink/ with that runner up badge that you boast about often/ I mean you really didn’t win/ now you run amuck mad, pose for the closed coffin/ leave it or you will be in oblivion again/ collect your insecurities and place them in a capsule/ then place that in a black box and aim for the rest/ cause the name of the game is, lets see who can hide that little black box the best/ and I find that you wouldn’t pass the line down for me to climb back/ You would rather watch me drown, and I don’t really mind that/

Derek D: Could I… live with an honest and anonymous involvement in this thing called life? / I think the problem is I think I’ll die/ With the volume at a moderate rate, rape me inaudible/ I’ll drink all night./ You see I’m all about this olly olly oxen free approach, and all behind me is a hobby and the talks of being focused/ only now at leagues of octopus in oceans/ no longer blinded by the night and not a blink gone by