Tinman Sangue


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from the album 'Mary Musth'


Derek D:Yeah I used to constantly babble on like back and forth (now)/ I only travel on the path of heart (how?)/ lonely and battling this evil that I’m in go go go go get outta my face, don’t need you I need food/ to keep moods from flashin’ into disasters naturally/ might earthquake and typhoon you/ If I don’t get a full spoon of love, fight night-type doom, strike like Mike and bite dudes/ some dudes, they don’t give a fuck about your suffering, nothing brotherly, look at all them vultures hovering/ won’t fall for another thing, unless it’s your girl’s ass / I’m in love with the way it shook my richter scale, and I’m quick to tell you how to: go ahead and kick the pale/ No Lao Tzu for a second, I’m still foaming at the mouth, pour me a second.

Shan VdP: We cut the cuffs and ropes and found this/ Your luck is up all hope is grounded/ Enough’s enough, no you won’t denounce this/ What the fuck do you know about risk-ing It all for the passion, a path that might soar/ With the chance that you might land the white horse/ Hey! How you doin’? Umm, oh yeah, sure!/ Let me dance for you on demand like a chore/ I want to be your lapdog, a little trick whore/ You’re such an expert, please do tell more/ Tell me what I’m doing wrong, and how to write for/ The right type of crowd with a sight like yours/ I wanna know how, put me on the right course/ ooooh, that’s good, I never heard that before/ I got views too, but I don’t want to be a bore/ but would you like to know what I think about yours?/ Suck my dick, and "eat my shorts"/ feast on your tongue before your ride forth/ these two tinmen might just slice yours/ their heart don’t bleed, they built like cyborgs/ won’t think twice to leave you one eye short/ Snatch out the beast, leave out the sidedoor!

It gets crush, they say you gotta have it unless Dust to dust just happened and a mortician must tap-in/

Derek D: Been a while since you felt some love (lub-dub-lub-dub)/ It’s been a long time since you hung with the bruvs like what-the-fuck’s-up?/ either way, the bass in your chest plate is irreplaceable/ don’t run around town with a bunch of negative internal levels like a kettle full of venom, it’s inevitable (boom) better keep the pace and go!

Shan VdP: Hey Mr. Tinman, can you hear me?/ I got this joke and a can of theories/ just need a hand and a man to bury/ looped and let a loose, you/ And your fellow goons, who/ Get up on the yellow brick to get a better view/ crews read up on the metal shit and settled for a two/ who’s pulling out the full metal automatic Boom!/ had em’ in a panic with a panoramic view/


released August 10, 2009
(S. Vincent de Paul, D.Dacosta, M. Denheyer)
Produced by MAGNOLIUS. Beats by Mike Denheyer & Mike Seacan. Saxaphone: Chris Gale.
Synths: LEO37



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MAGNOLIUS Toronto, Ontario

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