A Pound of Flesh

by Shan Vincent de Paul



Falling up
the blinding lights
comin' out the other side

A slight pan to the left, the camera zooms in to focus
A black & white wide shot of a crowded club
A spot in Toronto, maybe circa 98’
and on stage stood a younger version of us
but aside from the group size and oversized T
that was like last week if you ask me
cause I’ve made this switch, where blind faith gets lit
so I’ve lost track how long I’ve chased this bitch
it’s been a fair minute since them stairwell days
there’s no pension plan when that farewell plays
see, I used to want to spit rap to talk shit to diss you
now I’m trying to write songs to sit down and live through
get down and if you, get hit then kid you
should’ve ducked down, when the critics jumped out
your chump friends punked out
and now you’re out of luck rookie
that’s why we don’t fuck with industry crooks
that’s why we took a page from Edison’s book
so that we can engineer this little engine that would
and we took it worldwide, so we smoked a few sessions
made a few mistakes, so we soaked a few lessons
like, don’t break bread if you can’t break even
don’t place bets that your heart don’t believe in
don’t trace steps if you can’t keep demons
OK, lets set the course for the evening
1 for the money and 2 for your face
3 for the Jagger’ shots and pussy aftertaste
and after that will come the aftermath, and after that the laughter
after that the sickness, the sneeze and the bless you
look at me rambling this narcissistic bastard
silly me just realized I haven’t yet addressed you
ladies and specimens, insects of all ages
I would like to introduce the founding heads
My name is Shan Vincent de Paul and this is Derek DaCosta
and we would like to offer you a pound of flesh
and nothing more and nothing less
nothing glorious is left
but I assure you and the rest, something more is up ahead

Falling up
the blinding lights
comin' out the other side
Falling up
the blinding lights
looking for a passage
Falling up
the blinding lights
comin' out the other side
Falling up
the blinding lights
jumping off the edge


released 05 November 2012
Produced by Mike Denheyer
additional production by Dafydd Hughes & Shan Vincent de Paul
Mixed by John Poon
additional horns by Brownman Ali




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